Video Mixer and Monitor Package
Special Introductory Price - $995 each piece
Video Mixer
Video Mixer allows simultaneous audio and video mixing between two video sources - perfect for seamless transition from some pre-show videos to the main feature! Knowing how trickyit is to sometime get the actual "Start" frame on a DVD - the mixer allows you to have the movie cued up and ready as you fade, wipe or cut from the other video source! This also has a third audio input and a mic input - so everything you need for a Movie in the Park show with the Blimpscreen!

_ Separate DJ crossfaders for audio and videoProfessional Audio/Video Performance Mixer and Effects _ Video mixing options include fades, 96 wipe patterns, picture-in-picture (PIP), and Chroma Key (blue screen) and Luma key (black screen) capability for superimposing images _ 2 video effect sections with mosaic, strobe, freeze, paint, and invert (multiple simultaneous effects possible) _ Joystick control for wipes and picture-in-picture control _ 10 background color options _ 4 video channels with 2 composite and 2 S-video inputs _ 2 S-video, 2 composite main outputs and 4 video monitor outputs _ 3 stereo audio inputs and 1 mic input with audio cueing section and headphone output _ 2 stereo main audio outputs

Video Preview Monitors
So you have your 2 DVD players and a VHS, but you have no idea reallywhat is rolling without carting along some bulky monitors? This three way LCD package is great and will rack mount right along side the video mixer above.