USED & DEMO Blimpscreens


Baby Blimp 6x8 - $1595.00
Backyard Blimp - 7x10 - $2495.00
18x24 XB - $5995.00 - last one of the 07 rentals!  - sold
18x24 - Demo - $6995.00
15 x 20 - $6495.00 - like new
11.25 x 15 - $3295.00
9x12 - $2895.00
When these are gone - they are gone!!!!
All come with new blower, stakes, tethers, bags etc

Some used units are available on

This is a Brand new 9x12 Blimpscreen - it has a solid vinyl screen for front projection only ... this was a demo model we made to test a different fabric. It is a more glossy black than our standard material. This will come with a brand new blower, stakes etc. This is a great size!
$2895.00 - Sold
Baby Blimp  - End of Summer.
Ex rental clear-out. These units were used only once or twice - full warranty, new blower. 6 x 8 ft wide. With screen and blower. $1895.00 Now ONLY $1595.00 while stock lasts!perfect for back yard parties, rec centers, poolside etc

EX 2006 Summer Rental Units - used only a few times this last season.
Used - Ex-rental 15x20 Screen, black, with screen and accessories. $6495. New Blower.

The 15x15 frame holds an 11.25x15 screen.
New screen and blower with this unit.

"A" Frame! This one is about 15 ft high inside to peak and about 12 ft wide. With masking would make a nice approx 9x12 screen with a nice space at the top arch for an advertising message. With a new screen and new blower - $2795 - NOW $1000 w/o screen or blower!

Used - Rental 9x12 - this is an A Frame style (Blue) Sold as is - without blower or screen - $1000 (add $850 for new custom screen and new blower)

15x15 Blimp - will come with a new perf  11.25x15 screen (bottom portion of screen will be draped black - great place for an advertising banner!) and a new blower. $3495 - available in blue or yellow!

SALE - NOW $2995! - Can Ship today!

Used - Base style 11.5x15, yellow, with new screen and blower - $2995

Baby Blimpscreen 5x7 - $1595 w / blower Baby Blimpscreen 6x8 - $1995 w /Blower
Used for tradeshows only. Like New
Used - Ex-Rental 18x24 XB Screen, black, with screen and accessories. - $6995.00 (New $8395.00)
Used for 4 shows - this is the new style with the Extra-Beefy (XB) supports.

Sort of a 6x8! Funky Shape for a screen.
Has been used - so $1595!
NOW $750 W/O screen or Blower!
NOW - $495!!!
Another strange one! This is 18x8.5 and comes with a solid vinyl screen. The screen needs hanging in the sun for a few hours as we found this one rolled up inside the unit! Complete with blower $1995!
SALE - NOW $1695!!!!
Very Strange! 18x8! - Is this Cinemascope? I guess this would work with a 14x8 screen insert for widescreen - $2595 w/new screen
NOW $1795 W/O Screen or Blower
SALE - NOW $1295

For more information - please call me at (800) 815 2941

See you at the movies!

Mark Rowlands

First Come First Served - Credit Card reservation to hold unit.

Call 818 557 0903 ..... Hurry going fast!