Final Clearance Sale - Blimpscreen


Used 20 ft wide screen $1500.00 (List $7495.00)
This is the original Blimpscreen - not any cheap copy! These screens last for 20 years - we have customers still using our screens from that long ago, when we invented the whole genre of inflatable screens for outdoor movies.

Call Now 818 557 0903
Clearance Screen and frame only - 6x8 ft NEW (without blower - Blower cost approx $100) -
$400.00 (Original cost $2795.00!!)

DEMO - 9 x 12 screen and frame with blower - $1200.00

Email Us Now! -

  .......By the way, love the screen and all the equipment. Works flawlessly and screen size exceeded my expectations. - City of Spring Hill, TN
See More references on Blimpscreen ......

Summer in Harvey Park at the City of Spring Hill  

Sherman Oaks Little League Fundraiser

Double Wide Blimpscreen - 40 ft wide - uses 2 frames with custom front screen - easy to move and install!
30ft Wide Blimpscreen

The Original Blimpscreen (TM) Patent Pending - (818) 557 0903
Why Buy Blimpscreen?
- Free rentals, free referals, 2 year warranty, buy back guarantee,  Like it or Return it!

Blimpscreens now available in Australia!  Sales & Rentals

Used 18x24

7x10 and 4000 Lumen projector and
sound system - Package Price - $5995 Now $4995.00!

6x8 Baby Blimp Package c/w 2000 lumen projector and sound system - Package Price $4995 -   Summer Special $2500!!!
Great for smaller shows, backyards, camp sites, RVs etc


Special NRPA - Baby Blimp 6x8 Package - w/projector and sound system -
System good for up to 100 people - per fect to camp site, youth groups, clubs etc!

New 8.5 x 15 (or 11.25 x 15) Size with Spandex screen

6x8 screen
Now $500.00!!

El Grito Celebration - Los Angeles 2005

Four screens show live video at El Grito Celebration
3500 people attend 4th July Movie on a Roof Top - Boston Science Museum

Blimpscreen  Inflatable Outdoor Movie Screen - waiting for the sun to go down in Santa Paula , Ca.
and "Glide-In" Movie night with the LA Kings at Pershing Square, Downtown Los Angeles
Lease this unit for $229 per month (36 months AOC)
Screen can be front or rear projected

  "G'day Mark,
The screen is simply fab. Everyone loves it. ....." James - Show Business Media, Australia.

"I had the screen out for 30 paid events last year...... this year it will be more!"
Brad Webb (MediaMonster)

"The 18 X 24 is working great! ...." - Miles Goodwin

"The picture was outstanding, above and beyond our expectations!" ...
Community Service Dept, City of Santa Paula, Ca.

“The outdoor movie was great. It was like a drive in movie.” Kerry Kallman
Community Relations Coordinator
City of Westlake Village, Ca.

"I’ve been using the blimp screens for over 4 years now. The blimp screens are safe/easy to use & our clients  like how convenient it makes it to have outdoor movies. Less than year after getting my first blimp screen I ordered a second."
Kevin - Andromeda II DJ Entertainment

Great for Drive-In Movie Gigs!!!

"Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that our screen is working wonderfully!  Our attendance for our "Movies in the Park" series has grown tremendously due to the inflatable screen."
"Thank you for sending the new screen.  My staff just informed me today that it worked great  the past two Friday's when we showed movies.  We had high winds last Friday night at "Movies in the Park" and the 15x20 screen stayed up with no problem!"

- Special Events
Parks & Recreation Department , Tempe Az.

"The screen drops jaws every time people see it for the first time. Then when we put video to the screen they are blown away. The Blimpscreen is simply amazing!" —Tim Vogel, Attractions USA (

“Drive-in movies without the driving, it doesn’t get any better than that! The Blimp Screen is a tremendous addition to our quality of life programs here at the Academy.”

Vince Eure
Director Community Activities
United States Air Force Academy

"Our first rental to the newspaper park fest was a great success. You really delivered what you promised. Thank you for everything." -  Doug Williamson, Funjumps

Thanks Mark! Our party was a great success. We are looking forward to many more!
- Jack (5/07 Backyard Blimpscreen owner)

"As we are about to begin our 3rd annual summer outdoor movie festival here in Pacific Palisades, "Movies in the Park" is fast becoming one of the "beloved" traditions of our community, along with the July 4th parade and the annual Auto Show. It has succeeded beyond my expectations, drawing between 500-1000 movie-goers for every screening. It is the event everyone looks forward to, that everyone is talking about.  Thanks again for your enthusiasm, your incredible knowledge, your advice and your help in getting us started.  The people of the Palisaded don't know it, but they owe you a lot......"  

End of season update! - "We had a very successful 3rd season of movies in the
park -- over 3000 people attended the 4 nights, it has
caught on and is becoming a beloved institution here......."

John Wirth, Pacific Palisades Movie in the Park

Blimpscreen was featured in a movie on the beach in a recent episode of CSI Miami - the episode was called Blood Moon and has been screened world wide - giving Blimpscreen global notoriety!

Watch out for our Blimpscreen in an  episode of CSI Miami! On the beach Long Beach (Miami????)

New 7.5x10 Blimpscreen HE (Home Edition) and 15x20 in the Field of Dreams!
LA Dodgers lend a hand at Childrens Hospital Charity event in Los Angeles - The movie: Field of Dreams!
The location: A Real Field of Dreams! A Backyard Baseball Diamond!
"I wanted to let you know how pleased we were with the blimp screen for the "Field of Dreams" benefit movie night. The picture and the sound were amazingly clear! It was a perfect night to watch a movie on a baseball field. The Spiritual Care Guild of Childrens Hospital Los Angeles thanks you for an outstanding job well done! " - Anne

Movie in the Backyard, Ca. - Catered Drive-In snacks too!
This Blimpscreen uses a cantilevered top support and side supports for extra rigidity
The Blimpscreen Inflatable 15' x 20'
Set up in 15 minutes
The bottom of the screen starts at 5 ft

Great for places where a conventional screen would be impractical. Most important is - it's safe even if the wind does take a turn!
The New 18x24 XB! New for summer of 2005 - this unit is Xtra Beefy! Wider vertical tubes, bigger footprint, quick deflate slots and extra banner rings! - $7,695.00
Two styles are available. This is the Blimpsign and is designed more as a two sided daytime billboard. However the removable screen can be replaced with a plain white projection surface for night projection.
This is the Blimpscreen version. Designed for front or rear projection we use a perforated vinyl surface. A bottom skirt can be added to the screen for video format dimensions. All fabrics are UV protected, water and grime resistant! Just hose it down after a dusty day of Movies in the Park!
Blimpsign ready for a message!

This picture shows the two different styles -  Blimpscreen on the left and Blimpsign on the right. Screen size is the same for both

15' x 20' Blimpscreen
Typical usage of Blimpsigns along freeway
Click here for Banner Printing Info

Pre-show as the sun goes down, is an excellent time for sponsors to get their message across with a Powerpoint slide show
Let the show begin!
The 15x20 Blimp Kit!
The A frame support design of the Blimpscreen gives the unit additional support, a wider footprint and makes vertical installation easier. The unit comes with pre-installed tether straps. A configuration as shown is usually adequate using three stake points on each side. There are additional D rings for additional tie downs if required. The heavy duty 18" steel stakes and 4lb hammer come with the kit, as does the high pressure blower as shown here. The attached yellow flags can be adjusted to correct height on the tethers. The bottom "blanking skirt" on the screen is an ideal spot for promotional banners. The vertical pillars also have D rings at the top to attach vertical banners down the side pillars.
The optional powered two speaker package is adequate for smaller shows up to 500 people and additional speakers are easy to add on. The package comes with audio mixer, audio cables, microphone and speaker stands.
Weight of frame in bag is 100lbs and can easily be moved by one person.

Outdoor Advertising (15x15)
Anyone know where the screen is?
Movies in the Park


"I had the screen out for 30 paid events last year......" Brad Webb (MediaMonster)

"Just wanted to touch base with you to let you know that our screen is working wonderfully!  Our attendance for our "Movies in the Park" series has grown tremendously due to the inflatable screen." - Special Events
Parks & Recreation Department , Tempe Az.

The Baby Blimp - base style!

Designed for smaller applications, the Baby weighs in at about 30 lbs and fits in a medium sized duffle bag! Using a smaller blower - the unit goes up in about 10 seconds and is ideal  for instant portable signage, backyard video,  or any breezy location . Perfect for a movie on the beach!
(Available  6x8)

Baby Blimp Set Up - Approx 16 Seconds!

Blimp on the water .....

See us at the next trade show!
Ask about Show Specials!
2007 Looks like a great summer for a Moooovie Baby!


The Blimpscreen

The Blimpscreen is an inflatable video or projection screen that can be erected instantly, almost anywhere. It is available in standard sizes of 20ft., 15ft and 10 ft. wide and custom sizes are available. The screen is designed for front or rear projection and a bottom or side dress panels are available to configure the screen size for a particular video or film format. The front projection surface is a durable white perforated vinyl and the whole system is completely weatherproof and can withstand light winds. The whole system can be deflated in a matter of seconds, should weather conditions require it, making it safe and practical for outdoor projection of video, film, slides, laser shows or other media.
The screens are quickly detachable and can be replaced with optional surfaces, scrims or painted signs for daytime display. The complete system weighs less than 200lbs and can be setup in a few minutes, making it ideal for temporary promotions and signage where a conventional screen installation would be too heavy or too dangerous or installation time is critical. The system can be setup on roof tops, lawns or parking structures.
The Blimpscreen is ideal for outdoor movie projection, special events, laser shows or other applications where instant setup and teardown is important. Safety First!

All the units use a continuous high-pressure blower and are designed to "breathe" - so small scrapes or punctures will not affect the unit, and it will not deflate during a show!

Need to rent a movie? Do it the Legal way - the rental covers all the public performance license fees etc. - contact - Swank Motion Pictures, Dave Schroeder @ 800-876-5577 or Cary Haber @ Criterion Pictures 800-890-9494
or click here for more info.

The Blimpboard

The Blimpboard is an inflatable billboard designed for single or two-sided exposure to traffic, that can be used anywhere, anytime that temporary signage is required. Available in a standard size of 15 ft. wide, it is also available in smaller and larger dimensions and in a variety of eye-catching colors.
The sign can be inflated in less than a minute and is designed for use in parking lots or on roof tops. The base is five feet high and so allows the sign to stand above most roof parapets. The unit can be tethered from several tie points and so can withstand light winds. The fabric is UV resistant and completely weatherproof to withstand the elements. The surfaces can be changed easily and may be painted or printed. A lighting package is available for nighttime display.
The Blimpboard is ideal for radio station promotions, grand openings, temporary signage, merchandising booths, car dealers, parking lot sales or other special marketing promotions.

Size of banner position below screen on 15x20 unit - there are
webbing loops attached to the screen at the points indicated for quick and easy attacment.

Sizes of screens are actual viewing size

Download Price List
Blimpscreen Price List 2007


Bulletproof Poly Case - even Fedex can't
smoosh this one! These are really strong,
waterproof and rodent proof!
Forkliftable with sealing lid. Casters can
be attached to lid and used as dolly. $249.00

Airtight hardshell case for Video Projector - $195.00

Blimp Fibre Case - strong and lightweight
Great for shipping and storage - $395

Blimp Roadcases w/park friendly
pneumatic tires will hold the frame
screen blower and accessories $695

DVD / Mixer Package - Case for mixer - $295
Accomodates mixer included in our sound system package
along with a small DVD player for quick set up.
CompleteAudio Package click here!

  Just in  - these units were to
be used by a national auto dealership - most
were never used and ready to go. Various
colors and sizes. They will come with
new screens and blowers at up to 50% of
regular cost. Limited quantity.

15x20 Unit - $3500 (Old Style - only 1 left!)
10x15 Unit - $3495
6x8 Unit - $1895

These units are available immediately!
More Info - Click Here! - and pictures
of used units ......

Download a word document with more info on the package
Download a word document containing oy Rental Flyer

  BBB-FM Transmitter  allows you to broadcast audio for you show to
car or portable radios. Ideal for Drive-Ins or where high volume audio
would be unacceptable. Plug and Play - just select a frequency to
transmit, lug your DVD audio into it and you're done. Non volatile memory of the frequency means accidental power cut will not change frequency. Rental $150/wk Sale $1995.00

Plus you can broadcast your own radio station from home!
Video Screens
Screen cost includes, blower,
stakes, tethers, etc
16.5x30 ft
18x24 ft XB
13.5x24 ft (HDTV)
11.5x20 ft (HDTV)
15 ft x 20 ft
11.25 ft x 15 ft
7.5 ft x 10 ft
Baby Blimp (6x8 ft)
Additional Screen Surface
Rear Blackout Drape
NEW! - Spandex  Screen Surface
Hi Pressure Blower (1.5HP)
(Additional backup unit)
Tent Stakes - steel HD
Road Case w/wheels
Poly shipping Case

Leasing Examples on 15x20 unit -

50% deposit with order, Bal. prior to delivery please.
List Prices


24 month - $325/Mo
36 month - $229/Mo

Freight will be $200 - $400 approximately

50% Deposit required on all orders. Balance due prior to delivery.

Complete Movie in the Park Package
15x20ft Screen
Pair of 550 watt powered DB Technologies speakers on stands, audio cables, microphone and audio mixer
Sanyo 4000 lumen LCD projector
Mixer / DVD Case
FREE 7" DVD Player

Ambient Light
Don't forget that when the movies over - it's dark! These dual work lights are light and compact, but a pair of them will shed enough light to keep the area safe!

(2 stands, 4 lights)
75" High - 2 x 500 watt each.

Heavy Duty Steel Tent Pegs
These are heavy duty fire forged 1/2" steel x 18" long pegs. Pretty much do the trick for most locations!
Sledgehammer - 8lb head, 34" hickory handle!

Almost every Movie in the Park event needs someone in the spotlight! A presenter, sponsor, announcer, DJ or candidate will always want to take center stage - you'll want to pour on the light! The Lancer is a 1000Watt unit with focus, Iris, color change.
A nice compact unit -  31 lbs , 29x13x16.

LCD Projectors
Proxima - 5600 Lumen - $7,995  
Eiki / Sanyo 4000 Lumen - $3795
PLC-XP55 - 4500 Lumen - $7,295
Sanyo/Eiki 2000 Lumen - $1,495

3 Year warranty!

Sound Systems
DB Technologies 550 watt 15" 2way
OPERA Live 405 Active Bi-Amping Speaker 15"/1"B&C, 550 Watts
Info click here
1 Year Warranty!

Optional Subwoofer
Sub 15 - 800 watt powered bass speaker - $995.00

Sound System Package
2 Powered Speakers w/tripod stands and mixer  - incl. 1 mic and audio cables

DB Tech Compact 208 Mixer
Click for full Specs
Website - PDF
• 4 x Mic-/Line Mono Inputs
• 2 x Stereo-Line Inputs
• 3-Band EQ
• 1 x Aux pre, 1 x Aux post
• Tape In-Out Cinch RCA
• Ctr.-Room/Phones-Out

FREE - Upgrade to DB Technologies DB-214 mixer with 14 channels! - While stocks last.

With this mixer you will be able to use you sound system for many other events requiring audio. With 14 channels you can mix microphones, tape, CD etc ....

Video Mixer
To really polish up your switching between DVDs or tapes this very inexpensive video mixer does it all!

Video Preview Monitors
Three compact LCD monitors allow preview of your video sources

"BBB -Blimp Black Box"
FM Radio Transmitter

The range will vary from about 500 yards to 1.5 miles depending on the adjacent FM activity in your area. Generally, the LOW end of the FM Radio band ( 88.1 to about 90.7 ) will have at least one clean channel available.
The units are " plug and play ", very easy to use. Royce Miller has used one at MIR for some years now with very good
They are currently successfully deployed at most IHRA, NHRA and NASCAR facilities in the country.
More Info - Click Here


4000 lumen projector
Elux LX 500

See Specials for Sale Cost

$149.00 per pair

$12.00 each

$959.00 each

$4,995 XP41

LX 500 $4,595

Opera Live 405 Spkrs
Optional Powered Sub

Sound Package $1995
Speaker Bags $49.95

2 additional speakers $1700




Elux LX 500
4000 Lumen Projector
  Rental Package
Large Blimp Screen, video projector, sound system, music videos, fully licensed cartoons and latest release main movie!
Delivery, install and show.
18x24 Blimpscreen - $950
15x20 Blimpscreen - $750
4100 Lumen Projector - $375
2 Spkr Sound System - $250
2 Additional Spkrs - $200
$2500 + movie cost

(Screen Only

Video & Sound for
Local Pick Up Only

  FAQs - Many of these tips and Answers are courtesy of our independent operators around the country - Thank you everyone!

Q-What is the screen made of?
A - We offer two types of screen - the standard is a perforated vinyl. This is about 25% transparent to the air and so is less susceptible to wind movements. It is very strong and completely weather proof so can be hosed down with soapy water to clean it up! The screen works equally well for both front and rear projection. You need to make sure there are no lights behind the screen in the viewing angle, or these will show through.
The second type of surface is a solid, white, rip-stop type material. You will get slightly better resolution and reduced effect from lights behind the screen - the downside is that it does not "breathe" and also is easier to get dirty!

Q-What is the best one to get?
A - We suggest the 15x20 unit as the best screen to purchase. We use this one in our rentals. It weighs in at about 100 lbs and so is easy to load and unload and is quick to install. The diagonal dimension is about 25ft! and the overall size about 25 ft wide x 23 ft high which also means it will be likely fit inside a school gymnasium for those rainy day shows! It packs in a bag about the size of a trash can and ships in a box 4x2x2. It can easily be transported in a small hatch back or station wagon.

Q-How much does the Blimpscreen weigh?
A- The 15x20 frame weighs 100lbs - the shipping weight of the frame and screen packed in the shipping box weighs 135 lbs. The blower weights about 40lbs and along with the accessories for shipping weighs 69 lbs. The screen and accessories ship in two shrink wrapped boxes.

Q-How many people does it take to set up?
A - One experienced person! But.... two able bodied novices can set up the system in about 45 minutes. Pack up time about 30 minutes - most of that is rolling it up! Weight is about 100 lbs for the 15x20 screen. You will usually be able to wrangle a couple of helpers for a few minutes from the park staff!

Typical Show-day countdown schedule
2 hrs. before show Arrival & set-up
1 hr. " " Screen up & systems checked
45 min. " " Background music begins
20 min. " " Shorts & animation
10 min. " " Announcements & host remarks
0 Main feature begins
45 min. after show Break-down complete

Q - How far away does the projector have to be?
A - Usually a video projector needs to be 1 - 2 times the width of the screen, away from the screen. Today's projectors all have fairly good zoom lenses to provide some flexibility.

Q - How bright does the projector need to be?
A - We suggest an LCD projector with at least 2500 lumens for the 15ft wide screen and 3500+ for the 15x20. A 4500 lumen projector is probably the brightest you will need.

Q - Can I use rear projection?
A - Yes. The perforated screen works 90% as well for rear as it does for front! We have many customers who use the same surface for both front and rear.

Q - How do I need to store it?
A -  The material we use is similar to the fabric used in the "Jolly Jumps" and is extremely durable and will not be adversely effected from storage in a locker, garage or warehouse. The screen is best loosely rolled on a tube if at all possible - to avoid creasing. However a few hours laid out in the sun should take out the worst creases before a show. At show time you will find slight creases and wrinkles will disappear - that's in reference to the screen as well as the audience!

Q - Can I rent it and see how it performs before I buy one?
A - Absolutely! We want you to be happy with this product and the best way is to test drive it! We will apply the first weeks rental charge to the purchase price. To this date we have never had one returned - which is why we are always short on rental units!

Q - Can I put the Blimp on any surface?
A - Yes - but unless it is on soft grass, you need to lay out a sturdy mat or tarp to prevent chafing and abrasion to the base of the unit.

Q - What wind conditions can the Blimpscreen operate in?
A - The rough answer to this is - at the point where your audience is beginning to leave - shut things down! No one wants to sit and watch a movie when paper cups are flying and papers are starting to blow everywhere. Realistically that's a breeze of 7-10 MPH. Always set up the screen at 90 degrees to the prevailing wind and use all the guy lines with heavy stake pegs. Remember the blimpscreen is not impervious to wind - but when it does fall down with a high gust - it will not create the damage and mayhem a solid frame screen may do! Always rope off a clear area around the screen and caution tape your guy lines!

Q - What is the warranty on the Blimpsign?
A - The Blimpsign products are warranteed for 1 year to be free of workmanship or material defects.
The warranty does not cover tears, rips, or punctures that are the result of mis-use or use in conditions that are unsuitable. Any workmanship defects in the manufacture will be repaired at no charge during the first 90 days.  Customer will be responsible for freight charges.

Q -  What general information do I need about my site location?
A -  Site Suggestions

   The inflatable frame screen must be placed on a level surface (bare ground is fine) at least 30" wide. The location must be free of any aerial or ground obstructions 20 feet high and 15 feet behind the screen.
   Traffic cones/barriers should be placed 10 feet in front of the screen to direct your guests to comfortable viewing positions. Cones should also be used to form an 8' center aisle and cross- aisles at 20' intervals for easy movement of moviegoers.
   Keep the front section available for guests with blankets and direct people with lawn chairs to the rear. The viewing area can expand in a radius as the distance from the screen increases.
   If public restrooms are not conveniently available, consider porta-toilets (1 per 200-250 people).
   If concession vehicles are used, they should be placed with bright lights facing away from the screen and audience.
   Nothing ruins an outdoor movie more than headlights tracing across the screen. Try to avoid parking situations that will spoil the show.
   Vehicle access to the screen and projection area is essential.
   Field size - At minimum, we recommend a space at least 75' by 100'. The optimal size for the outdoor theater is at least 100'-150' wide and 150' to 250' front to back.

Q - What are the sizes of screen we need to project on to?

The easiest way to explain aspect ratio is to say that it means the ratio between the width of the picture and the height of the picture. Normal TV's aspect ratio is 4:3 (1.33:1), HDTV's aspect ratio is 16:9 (1.85:1) and CinemaScope movies' aspect ratio is 2.35:1.

For extremely good explanation of aspect ratios, please visit this URL. or

In order to accommodate these varying formats, it is possible to use several different surfaces with black blanking borders to create the exact shape you require - obviously it is also acceptable to simply zoom your projector to optimum fullness on the screen, possibly leaving white areas around the picture. For most events this is quite acceptable. Our standard sizes are designed to accommodate the regular TV 4:3 ratio, however we are moving towards the 16:9 ratio as this is quickly becoming the new standard.

Q - How can I get more info?
A - For more information or any other specific questions Email the Blimpmeister!

Need More Information on Projection Devices?
Click Here for Light Media!

Contact Info
(818) 557 0903



Blimpscreen Press Release Information

Burbank, Ca. based company “Blimpscreen” manufactures an inflatable video and projection screen, used primarily for out door usage.

One of the main problems with projection outdoors is the cost and time involved with installing a suitable projection screen. An outdoor screen is essentially a huge “sail” and a rigid frame screen has the potential of being a major accident waiting to happen if it is not installed and secured correctly. In essence an out door screen has to be “over-engineered” for the worst case scenario in terms of what the weather will bring. This means over building, over securing and over ballasting the frame just in case! This all translates into increased time and installation expense, which often may end up bringing the screen over budget for a particular event.

The Blimpscreen solves all of these problems as it can be inflated or deflated at will. So an operator will have the option of bringing the screen down if inclement weather hits. In a worst case scenario, the screen and frame will not damage itself nor any one or anything if it comes down unsecured.

The Blimpscreen ships with a perforated Textalene screen surface which is about 20% air transparent, allowing the screen to breathe in light winds. The frame is made of  a laminated vinyl similar that used in inflatable boats, so is extremely strong, weather proof, UV proof and can be easily washed with soap and water to clean off sand, dust and debris from outdoor locations.

The screen uses a permanent high pressure blower for inflation and so punctures are not an issue. Once laid out, the screen is attached to the clips on the frame and inflation takes about 2 minutes. The tethers are then adjusted. Once set the screen can be inflated and deflated in the same position without the need to readjust the tethers, making it also useful as a temporary video “reveal”. There are two blower inputs for redundancy in case one unit malfunctions or loses power. The frame weighs in at about 100 lbs and so can easily be wrangled by one person and be transported in a small car or pick up.

The most popular size is the 20 ft wide unit. The opening in the frame is 20 ft x 20ft  and the viewing screen can be configured for any format by adjusting the lower drape area. With a 15x20 (3:4) format the bottom of the screen begins at a 5ft height and using the wide format at about 9 ft. The frame has numerous D rings from witch to attach vertical and horizontal promotional and advertising banners. A 24 ft wide screen is also available and smaller screens down to 9 ft x 12 ft. The frame can be special ordered in almost any color. The standard black 15x20 unit is available from stock.

The Blimpscreen ships with everything needed to get the frame installed including heavy duty steel stakes, tethers, screen, storage bags and blower.  Sound and video packages are also available, as are roadcases and necessary lighting accessories.

The huge resurgence in recent years of Outdoor Cinema and Movies in the Park has created a big demand from communities, cities and movie fans for portable video screens. With a growing number of rental houses now making the Blimpscreen available to these customers we have introduced Blimpnet – a national Blimpscreen referral network for customers looking for outdoor screens.

Exhibitor Magazine Jan 2005

Member California Park & Recreation Society

Blimpscreen - (818) 557 0903

For Information on used Lighting gear go to

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