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Various projection devices are available - these units are ideal for projection moving and changing messages onto the Blimpscreen or Blimpsign or any other permanent surface!

We often have used fixtures of this type available at our website

Scrolling Image Projector
The FINELITE is a brand new cost effective, high output, luminaire for projecting colored images, special effects, and graphics. Using a special cooling system and lens configuration along with the brand new lamp housing from Selecon- the FINELITE can project crystal sharp color images produced from any standard inkjet or laser printer, allowing designers to deliver full color, high resolution, graphics almost as soon as you can say Photoshop! No more long delays or the high cost of full color lithos. Because the graphics can be printed on site, design changes can be made last minute and adjustments for projection angle (keystone correction) are no problem by alterations to the image in your graphics program. These images can be projected for months of use with no loss of image quality.
The unit offers a fixed image plate, a scrolling image module which can accommodate over twenty four 4" x 4" frames and a double rotating image module is also available. Three zoom lenses are also available enabling images to be varied from 12 - 90 degrees.
The scrolling module incorporates DMX via 3 channels. The module has a self contained dimmer on one channel, with frame access and scroll speed controlled via the second and third channels. There is an optional "showcontrol" module that can be pre-programmed with any variation of scroll speeds, frame stops, fades and repeats.
The design of the scroller allows a closed end loop also to be used. The image is fed back via the same focal plane and so classic double image, water, fire and moire effects can be easily created. The designer is not limited to existing scrolls or the expenses and lead time for custom images. New and creative full color effects can be created and tested almost on the fly!
While the unit comes standard using the 600HX lamp, the lamp housings can also be changed for even higher output applications or where longer lamp life is required. The fixture will accommodate an MSR575 lamp (an outboard ballast is supplied) or the CDM150.

Low Cost-money saved on custom images pays for unit
Instant Full Color High Resolution Image Projection
High Light Output
Quiet operation
Internal Dimming
DMX Control
Variable Lens Options
Variable Lamp Options
Scrolling Effects
Rotating Photo Effects
Compact Size

Light sources
Control / Dimming
Zooms 8/50
24 frames (4" x 4")
DMX (2 channels)
32 Lbs (with scroller)
Charcoal Grey
1 year parts & labor
MSR575, CDM150 & Bluepunch 1000
12/28, 40/90 degree
single frame
download auto module

Contact Info
(818) 557 0903